Environment and quality management

Ecology and sustainable development are in Eternit Slovenija part of the business philosophy.

Our products are made from natural raw materials, which are mostly from the region. This help to avoid an unnecessary transportation and does not burden the environment unnecessarily. Ecological and economic advantages of our products are combination for long lasting period and easy recycling.

All roof and facade products from Eternit Slovenija d.o.o. have obtained Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which are the basis of data for the ecological assessment of buildings in accordance with DIN EN 15987 and relevant for assessing the quality of buildings in terms of health and environment.


Quality system management

Quality system management  is based on the basic guidelines and values of business activities of the company Eternit Slovenija d. o. o. and on the constant support for  improvements in all business processes.


Quality of products

The Eternit fibre cement products meet all technical requirements in compliance with the applicable standards SIST EN:

SIST EN 494 for the corrugated roof and facade sheets and fittings,
SIST EN 492 for the small format flat roof sheets and fittings,
SIST EN 12467 for large format flat roof sheets and facade panels.


The type and the take-over testing, set out by the standard, are performed in our own laboratory and in other external authorized laboratories. Beside this, the internal supervision of the production has constantly being performed. The quality of products is confirmed by the EC declarations of performance.

The fire characteristics are defined and confirmed by the external authorized fire laboratories. The fibre cement is a non-combustible material of the class A2-s1, d-0, according to the standard SIST EN 13501-1.