Swisspearl Gravial

The new facade panel with a linear grooved surface

Swisspearl Largo Gravial is the new large format fiber cement panel with a linear, geometrical grooved surface. Depending on the position and incident daylight, Gravial offers a rich contrast and unique interplay of light and shadow. It is perfect for making a special statement on both the interior and exterior of a building.

Wide range of design possibilities

Design, colors and formats






Product benefits and specifications

Panel size
Largo Gravial is available in in a maximum useable finished panel size of 3050 × 1250 × 12 mm and can be cut as required.

The Gravial color spectrum includes 6 compatible tones ranging from white to black. These can be combined for wide variety of composition options.

Largo Gravial is perfect for making a special statement on the facade or interior. It can be perfectly combined with our Largo Carat and Largo Nobilis panels. Contact us to learn more about which Carat and Nobilis colors are the perfect match to each Gravial color.

Largo Gravial can be mounted by using either visible or concealed fasteners. Refer to our Swisspearl Largo and Linearis Design & Installation Manual (DIM). In case of a visible fixation Swisspearl has designed the panel with the perfect distance between each llinear grooving. Each 33mm (1 ¼ inch) a rivet/screw is placeable without any special tools.

Fire classification
A2-s1, d0

Environmental certifications / Norms
Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804





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