Wavy facade for special effect.

Efasal's three-dimensional facade panels Profile 5 and profile 8 are disigned for facade of high architectural object. They are produced with a special coathing system F+ in red, brown, light and dark grey colors.

The corrugated facade panels for facades Efasal allows the possibility of creating attractive facades in combination with flat large panels Swisspearl.


Efasal Installation manual


Efasal's advantages:

  • durability

  • vapour-permeability

  • incombustibility

  • resistance to corrosion

  • resistance to various weather conditions

  • maintenance reduced to minimum

  • minimalno vzdrževanje

  • 10 years guarantee period

  • 50 years of durability period

Corrugated sheets for facade Efasal

Corrugated facade panels Efasal are produced in standard lengths of 1250 mm, 1600 mm, 2000 mm and 2500 mm and in non-standard lengths up to 3000 mm.

Efasal facade panels are available in Profile 5 and Profile 8 (Efasal 5 and Efasal 8). They can be installed on a wooden or metal sub-construction.Four standard Nobilis colors come from the standard colors of ESAL corrugated sheets. In addition to the standars color range, we also offer custom colors of Efasal according to the choice of architect.







Dark Grey - Vulcanit F+ 6512

Light Grey - Vulcanit F+ 6326

Brown - Broncit F+ 2012

Red - Koralit F+ 1325

Coorugated sheets for facade Efasal

Corrugated facade panels Efasal



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