Flower planters

Plants love natural materials.

The impressive series of planters encompasses a diverse range of models and shapes and makes possible to design outdoor and interior spaces. Each hand made model enchants with its unique beauty and immediately conquers even the most beautiful terrace or a wonderful garden.

Fibre cement, the planters are made of, is a natural, 100 % recyclable material. It is a breathable material, thus it helps to regulate humidity. It is extraordinary endurable and lasting, as well as the stability of a paint  is very high thanks to the quality system of painting in the mass.

The production proceedings and the fibre cement material ensure the resistance of the Eternit's planters against frost; however, the appropriate use is the preliminary condition. Each Eternit planter has 10 years of guarantee against frost, starting on the day of its purchase.

Flower planters Swisspearl Advantages:

  • Trusted high quality

  • Hand-made production

  • Swiss production technology of fibre-cement material with a long tradition

  • incombustibility

  • continuous development

  • The natural appearance of the material

  • Eco-friendly products that are 100% recyclable

Swisspearl Softline

Different aesthetics.

Aesthetics has a name: SOFTLINE. Selected collection of flower pots offer a wide range of models, shapes and colours to enrich the terraces, open spaces, offices, balconies and interior spaces. Behind all planters there are designers and their personal passion for fibre-cement material. Every single planter is made by hand and signed by its creator. Collection Softline is an elegant expression of personality and individuality. Fiber cement has been used for decades as a durable material for roofs and facades, this mean, that also flower planters are resistant to all weather condition.

Swisspearl Customline

Customized sollutions

Collection CUSTOMLINE provide flexibility to individual needs and desires of our customers. It is possible to manufacture large or small flower planters for various purposes.



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