Swisspearl Texial

Innovative and sustainable products made of natural raw materials, such as the new large size façade panels Texial, are borne of ingenuity and expertise. The fine surface structure gives the appearance of a fabric and is always one-of-a-kind because it embossed by hand.

A special feature is the manual embossing that generates a fine surface structure reminiscent of fabric and which makes each panel one-of-kind. Delicate nuances of color and the raw texture that is the result of the mechanical embossing process highlight the authenticity of the work. A vibrant interplay of light and shadow creates a dynamic effect, making the façades appear almost like a piece of cloth.

Texial is available in five colors. While the earth tones blend seamlessly into their environment, at the same time they also make an impact because of their timeless nature. The natural, harmonic color spectrum underlines the character of Texial.

If you are interested in the new Texial panel please contact us that we can forward you to the contact person in charge for your region.